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Having written quite a few books and children's stories, I decided to self publish. I discovered and here's the result. Please click on the titles or images to be taken to my book & eBook store. Books are delivered direct from the printer in 3 to 5 days from time of purchase. There is a postage charge dependant on where you are and how many you order. Complete list here. My Amazon book page for all my eBooks


The Jacko Stories. 4.99 ePub 1.99 Now available on Kindle here

10 stories with Jacko, Crocky and Pidgy. These characters are delightful, kids love 'em! (So do parents!) Makes great bed time reading. See here for Jacko on CD. Great for bedtime listening, and long car journeys.


Colin's Shorts. 5.99

A compilation of 30 short stories. Very varied mix: Ghosts, romance, angels, sci-fi and there's even a cowboy in there somewhere. Something for everyone.


The Devil & Demons Explained. 4.99 ePub 1.99 Now available on Kindle here

A book for all believers (And non believers) who want to find out more about the devil & demons. A no nonsense biblical expose that is safe for new converts. I wish this book had been around when I was first saved!


The Search For Messiah. 4.99 ePub 1.99 Now available on Kindle here

Set in the time of Christ, The Search For Messiah is a powerful story of a happy family who face a potentially tragic situation. Brothers Jacob and Isaac set off on an adventure in search of the answer to their dilemma.


Sequester - Is the End Nigh?. 5.99 ePub 1.99 Now available on Kindle here

Sequester is the story of a ship and its crew, who valiantly take off to protect the Earth from disaster from space. Designed by British scientists and built secretly in America, Sequester is a marvel of modern technology, but is it enough?


The Adventures of Flora Small. 2.99 ePub 1.99 Now available on Kindle here

Flora Small is a cute little ten-year-old who lives with her mom, Betty, and her dad, George, in a big old house in the country. The Smalls are special because they live behind the skirting board in the hallway near the big front door. As their name implies, the Smalls are, well, small. Follow Flora’s adventures as she learns about finding from her dad, and eventually goes solo.


GEN - A Horror Story. 4.99 ePub 1.99 Now available on Kindle here

The word, ‘GENETICS’ has disturbed people for decades. Rightly or wrongly, people are wary of change, and genetics is all about change. GEN is just such a story, a story of change that no-one foresaw. A brave young woman named, Gen, takes a secretarial job in a genetics lab, what could go wrong?… Plenty! This is a fast moving adventure with a tinge of horror.


Conquest - Is The End Nigh?. 7.99 ePub 1.99 Now available on Kindle here

Conquest tells the story of a brave young woman, Sarah Kees, who’s brother goes missing in mysterious circumstances. Sick of being fobbed off with official clap-trap, Sarah sets off to find out what happened to him. The trail leads her to places she would never have believed, and to a life that few could dream of. If you like fast moving adventure, this book is for you.

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