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When we were young, dad used to tell us Jacko stories. He created these characters and brought them to life for us any time we asked him. None of the Owen kids ever forgot Jacko, even fifty or so years later! Since I began writing, early in 2002, It was on my mind to bring Jacko back to life. With God's help I've done it. Though I will never be able to tell them like my dad did, none the less, Jacko lives! I've recorded them too, see below..

The Jacko Stories

CD One:

Jacko Makes New Friends..

Jacko and the Storm..

Jacko and the Far Off Forest..

Jacko's Treasure..

CD Two:

The Land of the Giants..

Jacko Makes a Noise..

The Secret Tree..

The Forest Fire..

Jacko's Big Surprise..

Each CD lasts almost an hour.

My brother Stan brought this carving home when he was in the merchant navy. It typifies Jacko, and still lives at dad's house. He was much darker then. He's gone gray with age.


Read what children say about Jacko...


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Here's a sample, enjoy

I have all the below on CD rom.

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The Search for Messiah.

A great way to get some Bible into your kids.

The story of two young boys on a quest to find the Messiah.
Their quest is urgent, will they be in time?

Gen.. A horror story

Set in today's society. Gen takes a secretarial job in a genetics research laboratory. All is well until the accident, then things go very wrong. This is gripping stuff. My first horror story.. I couldn't put it down!


When her brother mysteriously vanishes, Sarah Kees sets out to find him. Her journey takes her on a rescue mission that has some very serious implications.


Conquest 2, "The Vardan Adventure."

A follow on to Conquest. How can a society change? There is a way, but it takes vision and great strength to achieve it.



The book of Revelation tells us that there will come times of terrible devastation. Hollywood has made many films about it. This book explores a possible scenario of just such a time, and man's involvement in it.


The Earthrise Trilogy

Earthrise 1, "Lark"

Set a little in the future, this is a tale of one man's vision for the future of mankind. A vision that comes horribly true, but his inspiration and planning lay the foundation for mankind's survival.

Earthrise 2, "The Return"

Sequel to Earthrise, it tells the further adventures of mankind. A rescue mission that leads to an unforeseen outcome.

Earthrise 3, "Beyond Eden"

The last of the trilogy. More adventures and surprises, with the most beautiful ending.



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