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I wrote this some time ago, but the information is still relevant to today. This little booklet contains a mine of information about mixers, from simple PA to big studio stuff.

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The instrument workshop

This booklet is a mine of information on musical instruments. Many aspects of instrument adjustment are covered, as well as some tricks & tips to help you get the best out of your instrument.

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PA training course notes

Just what it says. I wrote this course for our church, but it will work for you too. It doesn't just cover techie things, it explains the importance of the role of the PA in church.

View Now - Download - Text (20k) - PDF (56k) (has diagrams) - Extra Diagrams Listen to the tapes here.


PA systems explained

The various 'bits' of the PA system explained in detail. Everything from mics, cables, amps, to mic placement, and how to wire up speakers. Very comprehensive.

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What is praise & worship?

An appraisal of praise and worship, with some of the pitfalls explained.

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The power of praise conference notes

Notes from the two power of praise conferences held at Roffey Place.

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Christianity for beginners

This little booklet explains Christianity in a way that anyone can understand. It is designed for new Christians foundation classes, or small group study.

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The devil & demons explained

This is a no hocus pocus explanation of the devil and demons, all from scripture, all sane. Again, very comprehensive, covers the devil's origin, names, tactics etc.., and of course, his inevitable demise!

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Worship & the believer (Check out the tapes page)

Series of three lectures given to students at bible college. These notes are fairly self explanatory.

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