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Sermons & Lectures

In the early days, I used to record my sermons, not so today. Here are a few for you to listen to.

Sermons | Lectures | Talks by Carol

Sermons - if the players don't appear, hit refresh.

Worship in Spirit & Truth

The Importance of Praise

Self Worth

The Greatest Love Story

Saved from What


Move On To Blessing


The Price Paid For Me

Radical Christianity

Christ The Willing Sacrifice

What Price Sacrifice?

Back To Basics In Worship

Praise As A Journey

Seated in the Heavenlies


These were recorded on my travels...Can't remember where now...O well.



Worship & the Believer

  • 1 Charismania

  • It's All Greek To Me

  • The Worship of Heaven

Why Do Christians Fast

PA Systems training course

  • 1 Introduction

  • 2 Going Deeper

  • 3 How Loud?



These were given at Roffey Place Bible College in the early to mid 90s

PA Course

I wrote this course for the guys at my home church. It managed to put most of them off...Not a bad thing when you think about it!

Talks by Carol


Know Your God

Stand Firm In Your Faith

Worship As A Lifestyle

A Practical Session


Here are some talks by Carol, recorded at various worship conferences.

"True inspiration only comes from The Holy Spirit."


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