Here are some letters about Jacko I've received from children


Dear Colin,

We have been listening to the Jacko stories. I like the background and the voices are funny. The secret tree is good, I like the name the Parawacky tree.

The land of the giants is brill!

All are exciting.

I like Pidge.

Yours sincerely,

Nicole, aged 8


Dear Colin,

I really like Jacko makes a noise.

I think children of the age 2 to 4 would love it so much they would beg their mums to buy Jacko stories.

I really liked the background sounds.

From Katherine aged 7


Dear Colin,

I think the story of the parawacky tree is very exciting. I also think children between 4 & 7 would like it.

I liked the sounds in the background and the voices.

I liked the Parawacky tree because it was funny, exciting and full of life.

From Phoebe, aged 9 1/2.


Dear Colin,

I really liked the Jacko stories especially the one called Jacko and the secret tree. It would be suitable for children aged 5-7 years.

It really would be good for children because the voices and sounds in the background made it so real.

I enjoyed especially the one with the Parry wacky tree.

There were very funny things that made it interesting.

From Kayleigh aged 81/2.


Dear Colin,

I really like your stories about Jacko especially the Parawacky Tree. That was funny. I think your stories would be good for little children because of all the voices especially Pidge and Crocky.

I think it would be suitable for 3-4 year olds.

There was another one I liked as well. The Hidden Treasure, especially the song about the cow pat. That was funny!

That is all for now and good bye

From Emily aged 81/2.




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