I've put together a few things that you might like...Enjoy

These have been taken from VHS tapes, so the sound is a but wobbly. Don't worry, it won't spoil your enjoyment.

Gird up Your Armour...

This happened on the last night of the last Faith Camp we led back in 1995. We'd had a real rip roaring time of praise and this 'song' came out of that.

Called to Multiply...

This was the song of the camp back in 1995, our last Faith Camp, and came just before the Armour song above. Written by Cia Allen of
Poynton Christian Fellowship

The Slough Song...

This was recorded at a concert we gave at Kingdom Faith sometime after we had left. It was a ministry weekend including a concert at Ford Open Prison and a trip to Heathrow airport which we never made as Carol's voice went.

Carol introduces the song so I won't do that here. You really need to see this as it's lots of fun.

Simple To Be With...

Carol recorded this at the studio where I was the engineer. It was one of several demos we made together way back in the early 1980s.

Carol and I met at the studio, and making these demos cemented out friendship which later blossomed into marriage.

Neither of us were active Christians back then, though we were both backsliden...

Shepherd Song...

This is another song from the Kingdom Faith concert we did. Taken from our last CD: Dare to Dream.


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