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Me and My Girls

Thought you might like to see some photos of my two daughters. They don't look like this now though, they've both grown up. Though I've tried, I haven't seen them since they were about 8 years old. These are the only photos I have of them. Please pray that they will seek me out, I would very much like to get to know them as adults.

Michelle Wright

This is Michelle my eldest daughter

Claire Wright

This is Claire my blonde beauty

Michelle and Claire Wright

Spot the poser!


all together - the last time!


A sunny day - long ago

Michelle and Claire Wright

From the local paper


Me and Michelle when I had hair...Black hair!

ColinOwen aged 8

This is me aged about 7. Taken in 'the shelter room'. I was born in a post war (flat roofed) house on the very edge of Liverpool. So close after the war, they built a shelter into the house, a room with strengthened walls and a slit window. The Window had been replaced with a normal one by this time, but the room was always called, "The Shelter."

Colin Owen aged 14

This is me at around 14 playing a Framus semi acoustic (boy I wish I had it now!) bass. The shot was taken in Matt's shed. He was our singer at the time and decked his shed out to look like the Cavern...Well, he thought it did. If you look closely you'll see I'm playing it with a drum stick.

Colin Owen aged 16

Ok, here I am at 16 playing bass 4/5 nights a week in Johnny Marlowe and the Whipchords. The bass is a burns small bodied, can't remember the model number. Notice the suit!

Colin Owen aged 22

Here I am in my early twenties doing cabaret. This is the one that prompted my mum to say, "Why don't you get your hair cut and get a proper job!" Mums eh! Yes, I used to wear the top hat...Don't ask me why when I had hair like that. Notice the 'side boards'.

Colin Owen aged 25

Here I am around 25 playing keyboard in a big night club in Jersey. The suit was green and gold and a serious hazard to your eyesight when the lights caught it. The lady who made it had to wear sunglasses, I kid you not!

Colin Owen aged 42

Here I am in my early forties playing piano at Faith Camp on Peterborough Show-ground. Worshipping my Saviour...Didn't need the green suit.

Colin Owen aged 60

So, we arrive at me now, aged 60 (and a bit!). Taken in my studio in Malvern with my dear brother Colin Dean, you can just see his blue shirt on the left.

"True inspiration only comes from The Holy Spirit."


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