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Radio Post Production

This is a new string on my bow

I recently came into contact with a Radio Production company and made some audition scenes for them. I found this to be most challenging and enjoyable. Making up sound efx to a script and actors voices is fun.

In view of this I would like to offer this service to anybody out there who may need it. As always, I offer a very fast turn around and quality work. Full 24 bit recording system, fully automated so revisions are quick.

Custom written music, no problem...

Listen to these demo scenes, and remember, all I had to work with was a script and the actors voices.

Scene 1


Scene 2


Scene 3


Radio Shows Production

Something I've been doing for several years now.

I currently produce, "Days Of Wonder," Jarrod Cooper's very popular radio show. I can do the same for your ministry. Radio production needn't be expensive, contact me with your requirements. I offer fast turn around with excellent, tried and tested audio quality approved by UCB. Custom written jingles come as standard.

Contact me to discus your needs.


Made to order.

If you want to advertise on radio or TV you need a good jingle. There's nothing quite like a catchy tune to make things stick in peoples minds.

I've been making jingles for more years than I care to remember, so I have the experience you need to help you sell your product.

I can offer an all inclusive package: writing, recording, singing. All done to your specification for an all in price. Supplied on Digital Audio Tape, CD or download.

* Quick turn around

* Very reasonable rates.

* Proven track record.


PA Systems

PA. Systems: (advice, training)

I have many years experience with PA, and have engineered in the NEC (Birmingham), and Wembley Stadium (London, before they knocked it down!). They don't come much bigger than that!. I can advise on buying, setting up, and using PA systems. I've written a little booklet on PA which is free on this site. I've also run several training courses too. Advice is free, contact me.


The biggest problem with most PA systems is the operator (sorry guys, I love you really). I'm happy to come to you and share what I know. One on one, or full seminars. I'm happy either way.

Contact me to discus your needs.

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