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The Jacko Stories

for children & grown ups

When I was young, dad used to tell me Jacko stories. He created these characters and brought them to life any time the Owen kids asked him. None of the Owen kids ever forgot Jacko, even sixty or so years later! When I began writing early in 2002 it was on my mind to bring Jacko back to life, and with God's help I've done it, though I will never be able to tell them like my dad did. None the less, Jacko lives! I've recorded them too, see below. Now in print see my books page here.

The Jacko Stories

CD One:
Jacko Makes New Friends
Jacko and the Storm
Jacko and the Far Off Forest
Jacko's Treasure

CD Two:
The Land of the Giants
Jacko Makes a Noise
The Secret Tree
The Forest Fire
Jacko's Big Surprise

Each CD lasts almost an hour.

My brother Stan brought this carving home from his travels in the merchant navy. It typifies Jacko, and since dad died, lives at my house. He was much darker then. He's gone Gray with age.


Read what children say about Jacko...


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